Thursday, November 20, 2014

How to Print and Download Your Photos

It's the end of Volleyball, Football and Cross Country, and Christmas is coming!  It's a great time to get your photo orders and downloads before the next busy season begins.

I've had some questions on how to print and download photos from the Shots by Shirley website.  Here's a great video with all the instructions. 

You can also order merchandise such as mugs, t-shirts, and tote bags.  
Have a favorite photo on the website?  You can create your Christmas cards on Shots by Shirley.  Click on BUY and chose "create a card" and follow the prompts.  
It's hard to believe half of the school year is nearly over and Christmas is around the corner.  What kind of Christmas shopper are you? 
A.  Already have your shopping done;
B.  Working on your shopping now; 
C.'re supposed to shop before Christmas Eve?
Loving life as a coach’s wife.  MrsPro

Monday, November 17, 2014

Chiefs vs. Shallowater / Playoffs 2014

I will never forget this day.  The Seniors gathered and we talked about some ideas for group photos and decided to take this picture.  Why?  Because the Chieftains were making this claim: "at the end of the 2014 season the Chieftains were going to be on this board!

Or this night.  Isaac Summerlin spoke at the homecoming bonfire.  His statements...don't underestimate this team, don't count us out, we are a family, we are Chieftains.
Or the Littlefield pep rally.  John Haile spoke describing the Chieftain team as "warriors".

And where did all these claims and declarations lead?  After a lot of hard work and the first round of playoffs at Plainview Texas facing the Shallowater Mustangs.  The string of Mustangs that lined up on Thursday night, player to player, shoulder to shoulder, from the 20 yard line to the 20 yard line could of been quite an intimidating sight.  

And how did the Chieftains meet them?

with this,

and this.
At times it was a bit "David vs. Goliathish"
The Chieftains were on,
and through the Mustangs.

At the end of the night despite what the scoreboard said, in our hearts, the Chieftains were the champions. 
And where are the Chieftains at the end of their 2014 football season?


Congratulations 2014 Chieftains and Coaches. job well done. 

More photos at Shots by Shirley / Shallowater

Proud to be a Chieftain and still loving life as a coach’s wife.  MrsPro
P.S.  I understand next year's motto has already been claimed and a very fitting one it is.  "UNFINISHED BUSINESS!"