Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Gridiron Mission

Home is where the gridiron is.  X’s and O’s, that’s our life.  No one knows that better than a coach and coach’s family.  When one dedicates their life to coaching, he/she knows from the start there are a lot of careers that will pay more money, require fewer hours, and be less open to critics and the front page of the sports news.

I can’t imagine walking into your work environment and telling you how to do your job, what you are doing wrong or how I would do it.  Can’t imagine anyone standing up in the doctor’s office and yelling “I don’t like the way you run your office, you need to spend less time on this and more time on that, and my child needs to be first.”  I often chuckle at those who know very little about a sport but hear someone say something in the stands and that is their mantra for the rest of the season(s), whether it’s right or wrong.  I would never walk into the grocery store and tell the manager the stocker should be at the checkout and the butcher should be in the produce section. 

However, there will always be those that think they know more than the coach.  The same coach that is with the student/athletes on a daily basis in class and in athletics.  The same coach that has dedicated his life to making your child successful on and off the field.  The same coach that has done his best to get the best from each and every athlete but cannot play the game for them.  The same coach that has tried to implement change but is met with resistance or micromanagement at every turn.  And may I tell you…there is pain in change, but there is also pain in staying the same. 

       I wouldn’t trade this life nor do I want a do over.  Has it been easy, no way.  Has it been worth it, in every way.  Many mornings I am asleep when my coach leaves for work and asleep when he comes home from work at night.  There are many weeks I see my coach more time on the field on game day than I have seen him during the whole previous week.  I have washed uniforms, followed the bus, made side trips for supplies, baked cookies and cooked meals.  I have persevered the elements from the hottest of hots to the coldest of colds .  My wardrobe does not change with the seasons, it changes with the school colors and mascots.    I share with my coach the highest of highs with the wins, and the lowest of lows with losses.  I count myself lucky to have hundreds of “bonus” kids and I swell with pride when I get to share in their accomplishments and I cry with them when they fall short. When asked which kid is mine, I am blessed to say “all of them”.  

Why do we do it when the barriers are so high and the odds are so low?  Why don’t we just pack it in and go home?  Because “home is where the gridiron is” and the gridiron is “where God sees a need for us”.  It’s the Hank Basketts, the Kyle Tietz, the Jadyn and Jordan Coopers, the Seth Baileys, the Ubi Trevinos and the Edgar Cuevas, the Patti Zamoras and the Kimi Shooks, the Josh Musicks, the Marcos Loeras, the Tori Bradleys and so many more. 

This is “on the go” time for many coaches and their families.  Many are moving on to new beginnings, new adventures…new homes.  Coach Prokop and I send you prayers for easy transitions , open minds and hearts in your new school.  We ask for your prayers as we also move on.

I am a coach’s wife, I wear my team colors bright
I’ll travel any distance to see my team play tonight.
No matter what the “season”, I will be a faithful fan
Because I stand beside the coach, the leader, the man.
So bring on the fun – I’ll even face the strife
‘Cause I know God will give me strength to be a coach’s wife!

-Leigh Ishee

Yes, the gridiron is my life - filled with x’s and o’s, the football type as well as the hugs and kisses type.  And in this roller coaster life of coaching where we put our hopes and dreams in the hands of 16 and 17 year old student athletes, I am still…

Loving life as a coach’s wife.  MrsPro

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Break and Friday Athletics

Sad to say we're on the downside of "Spring Break".  We took a short trip and while away enjoyed dinner and a movie.  McFarland was a great movie and a must see, especially if you have ties to small town USA and/or you're a Kevin Costner fan.

The weather has been beautiful this week, perfect weather for cleaning the garage rest and relaxation activities.  Ending with a little track, baseball, and power lifting.

BASEBALL- played at home against Slaton winning both games.
Annette Loflin Facebook photo

POWERLIFTING - Regional qualifiers competed in Regionals at Sundown.  Edgar Guerrera placed 1st and will compete at Abilene State Meet.  Louis Trejo placed 3rd, Rene Rodriguez 7th, Juan Samarron and Mario Hernandez 9th in their weight classes.  Edgar was also Outstanding Lifter and set three new regional records.
Friona Power Facebook photo

TRACK - Varsity and JV boys and girls competed in Springlake Earth Track Meet with the Varsity boys winning 1st, Varsity girls 3rd, and the JV boys 2nd. 

More photos of the track meet here.
Monday - Baseball @ Fritch
Friday - Boys Track @ Andrews
Saturday - Girls Track @ Tucumcari / Baseball @ San Jacinto
(I have no info from Tennis)
Only 2 1/2 months left in the school year, my how the time has flown!  Spring is always a busy time with lots of activities going on in the high school world.  Stay focused and be safe!
Loving life as a coach’s wife.  MrsPro