Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Farwell Tournament - Chieftain Champions!

Chieftains Dallin Woods, Jacob Dickson, Cody Stowers, Keagan Kerby, Braden Pope, John Haile, Josh Barnett, Saul Espinosa, Mason Loflin, Brent Hickman, and Cole Stowers pose with the trophy after winning the Farwell Tournament this past weekend.  The Chieftains were undefeated in the tournament winning against Texico, Farwell, Morton, and Olton

Coach Woods talks to players during a time out
Cole Stowers with the ball with Keagan Kerby, Brent Hickman and John Haile on offense

Mason Loflin goes up for the rebound

Great job Chieftains and Squaws.  Basketball will be playing Bovina in Friona on Tuesday and River Road in Friona on Friday.  School will release early on Wednesday and Thursday to begin Christmas break.
More photos from the Friona vs. Texico game here
Thank you for all the prayers and concerns sent our way.  Coach Prokop is home recuperating after his knee operation and doing well.  We will be spending the holidays at home and we are excited our boys will all be here with us for a few days.  We feel very blessed that this holiday season finds us healthy, happy, and looking forward to the new year!
Loving life as a coach’s wife.  MrsPro

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thank you Coach Scott

Coach Scott came into my life through my father, they were good buddies.  We never saw Coach Scott that he didn’t tell us this story.  “Bill (my father) was cutting my hair and asked me if I knew Mike Prokop and I said that’s the guy for Shirley!”   And he was right.   

Do you have someone in your life that makes you want to be a better person?  Coach Jack Scott was my “person”.  He played very different roles in Coach Prokop’s and my lives, but in the end the lessons were the same;  love God, work hard, follow the rules, live up to your potential, remember and respect your beginnings.           

Coach Scott came into Coach Prokop’s life through ENMU football.  Each time we saw Coach Scott we heard this story.  “Mike was only late to practice one time”.  Coach Prokop would take over the story then.  “The next morning you pulled up to the dorm in your Cadillac and honked the horn at 6 a.m.  I didn’t know a big ole’ lineman could run so much, but I was never late again”.

As with all coaches the conversation then turns to football.  Coach Scott always remembered players and games and loved reminiscing about football.  He followed countless former players and could tell you where they were living and what they were doing.  I am the worst at remembering names.  Even those I see on a regular basis know about my name disability and answer politely regardless of what name I call them.  Coach Scott always asked about Ross and Travis by name which I think is  remarkable.  He always made you feel special.  
We never left a visit with Coach Scott that he didn’t say “I’m so proud of you.”  Coach Scott lived a Godly life, dedicated to his profession, faithful and loving to his wife, and he loved and enjoyed his family and friends.

I hope you have a “person”.  Someone who makes you feel special and loved and makes you want to be a better person.  Someone who exhibits and teaches you and encourages you to love God, follow the rules, live up to your potential, remember and respect your beginnings.  

Death for some is a sad goodbye, but for others it’s a wonderful reunion.  I can imagine my dad meeting Coach Scott in heaven and here’s the conversation…remember that day you were cutting my hair and you asked me did I know Mike Prokop and I said that’s the guy for Shirley.  Well,I was right.
This holiday season and all the seasons,(in our life of course those are football, basketball, baseball and track), I want to thank you, friends and foes, for the part you are and have played in our lives. good and bad.  I really mean it when I say "you win some and you learn some.  Thank you for following the blog and loving our family and our bonus families.  Thank you for supporting us in our desire to make your kids successful.  We know it is not by chance but by God's plan that we have been put in your lives and you have been put in our lives.  No one promised it would always be easy going but God promises it will all be worth it.  And I truly mean it when I sign off my blog with...

Loving life as a coach’s wife.  MrsPro