Monday, September 3, 2012


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"Balanced Stratford Takes Down Friona" here

We had a bumpy ride last night, but we learned some things too. When we do our jobs good things happen. We only had one negative yardage play all night long. We can open running lanes and protect our QB. We have an open week in front of us, great time to heal up and get ready for River Road. Enjoy your Monday off and let's all get together at 7:00 AM, for lifting on Tuesday!    Coach Hutchins
Coach Pro, Stephen Dominguez, Coach Hutchins

Coach Pro, Coach Woods, and Coach Haddock

 OP Vazquez, Diego Lucero, Stephen Albarado, Eduardo Rojas
 Diego Licerio, Adrian Prieto, Diego Garibay, Stephen Albarado, Edgar Guerrero
Abayomi Salinas, Mason Loflin
Mason Loflin, OP Vazquez and Sebastain Santiago

Diego Licerio, Brad Stowers
Mason Loflin
 Please forgive me if I didn't get your name on a photo, still learning names and faces and I am not good, bad, terrible with names!  I am still watching the game with camera in one hand and roster in the other... sorry that doesn't help when I'm editing photos and can't see the number.

Thank you to all the band, cheerleaders, parents, family, friends and fans that were able to make it to an very early and hot game in Amarillo...I will have more photos later this week including the JV game.  You know what they's takes a village to raise a football team!

Loving life as a coach’s wife!  MrsPro   

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